7Langit The Mobile Agency

7Langit The Mobile Agency

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The 21st century is the era of technology, we can’t live without it. Most of people in Indonesia cannot going out their home without smartphone inside their pocket. In this era, smartphone instantly become a daily partner since the device able to assist its user to help their daily activity, of course with several mobile apps inside the device. Can you imagine people who made mobile apps for your smartphone?

People who made mobile apps for smartphone usually works at mobile agency, a perfect partner for brands to create brand engagement with their audience using creativity through mobile solutions. One of the popular mobile solutions is mobile application, which will operate inside your smartphone. Perfect mobile apps usually available in numerous platform, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone.

7Langit is the most-developing mobile agency in Indonesia in the past few years, we multiple our own business activity following the hype of smartphone itself in Indonesia. Start with build mobile apps only in one platform which is BlackBerry three years ago. And now we successfully manage to build mobile apps in four different platforms, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Every single mobile apps made by 7Langit and designed exclusively only for one client. Therefore, client will have their own mobile apps with exclusive design interface and features, so they can create brand engagement with their target audience. Brand engagement will successfully achieved if the apps get huge download numbers.

The picture above shows you how optimize mobile app as your marketing tool. Once you made mobile app, it won’t stop at that point and instantly increase your product sales. You have to persuade people to download your app and manages them to access your app simultaneously. Based on that situation, we’re not merely mobile agency that build mobile app. We also provide another service that will drive people to download and access your mobile app simultaneously with several strategy, such as:

  • Campaign and promotion through social media
  • Update and manage content simultaneously
  • Embed your app with Push Notifications, people will recognize when updates
  • Analytic tool to measure client’s favorite features.
  • Put Gamification value inside the app. See here to find out more about gamification.
  • Research activity to find out the latest insight about mobile app.

Recently we create mini games as our new product. Mini games also useful as marketing tools just like any other mobile apps we’ve made. Besides mini games, we also made mobile app based on Augmented Reality, the technology will blend artificial image into the real image. This kind of app gives brand new experience for users, since this technology still practically new in Indonesia. You can check more info about Augmented Reality in here.

Interesting to create brand engagement by developing mobile app with us? Simply drop your lines to email at mail@7langit.com

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