Kompas Citizen Reporter

Kompas Citizen Reporter or K-Report for short, is an application which enabled users to send news, such as article with images, audios, or videos, which can be taken from daily life occurrences. The images, audios and videos can be taken directly by using the application. The news is verified by Editor Team from Kompas.com before it is accessible for other users.

To make K-Report more interesting, Kompas.com Editorial Staff challenge users to send news with theme announced on ‘Tantangan‘, that alternatively can be found on K-Report Website. There are points collected by being active users on K-Report, which can be checked in ‘Poin‘ menu, but first of all list your name as user via ‘Registrasi‘. The app is also integrated with Twitter & Facebook so users can spread the news they write or read.  K-Report will be a place for just ordinary users to learn how to be good reporters and how the professional reporters could easily and quickly share their information in real-time to massive number of people at once.