XL PotensialMeter

Wonder about your true potential related to what you do in your smartphone? Potensialmeter can answer it for you.

Just put your name and phone number to start. Potensial meter will sort 10 apps based on the size amount of mobile data usage.
What app you run most often? What app spend your mobile data the most?
After getting your result, potensialmeter will categorize your true potential. Who are you?

Chatter: You love talking with friends. You can’t through the day without telling them what’s going on or just sharing about your day.

Teman Ibadah 2013

Your Daily Partner for Worship Activity

Most of moslem welcomes the holy month of Ramadan with a great joy and excitement. Beside fasting, people increase their frequency of worship and expect to receive  more bless from god.  Many people doing their worship activity in a different way. Therefore, we offer the a new experience in their praying activity, especially on holly month of Ramadan. Teman Ibadah is a mobile app designed to help moslem doing their worship activity.

XL Campus

XL Campus is an educational mobile app from PT. XL Axiata Tbk.

This mobile app allows the students to access internal information about their campus. Only verified student will able to access this mobile app. When student access this app for the first time, they have to fill the form. Afterward, the only have to input their password before access this app. XL Campus mobile app consist of twelve features that will help student access the internal information.